Today the planet faces a double-sided assault: environmental meltdown and an economic crisis the like of which has never been experienced.

In Capitalism versus Planet Earth, Fawzi Ibrahim argues that this dual threat is not a coincidence - one feeds the other, and both are poised at the edge of a vortex. A stark choice faces humanity: save the planet and ditch capitalism, or save capitalism and ditch the planet.

On natural capitalism: 'By designating natural resources as capital, they become commodities and ... are open to speculation and profiteering.'

On the post-2007 crisis: 'It was not caused by greedy bankers or incompetent politicians, but was a result of the inherent laws of highly advanced capitalism.

Fawzi Ibrahim studied electronic engineering at the University of Greenwich and economics at the University of Westminster. This fusion of disciplines provides a unique opportunity to shed new light on capitalist production, through analytical techniques more usually associated with engineering, and to construct a model of a capitalist economy that provides a unique viewpoint of its laws and its future development.